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2nd Police Statement on Srinagar Encounter

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Although the three killed militants in today’s encounter have not been listed in our militant list, two of them are hardcore militant associates (OGWs).

Strictly speaking, one of the two is a relative of HM Commander Rayees Kachroo, who was killed in 2017. Reportedly, quite recently, a third may have entered. In general, parents have no idea about the operations of their wards.

Several OGWs usually live with their families after committing militant crimes such as grenade throwing & gun shooting etc. For example, with the aid of CCTV footage, one student from Pulwama who was taking coaching in Srinagar was caught for lobbying a grenade. His parents were utterly unaware of his radical activities.

The police are investigating the case and will soon draw a verdict on the merits after a thorough investigation.

It is important to note here that there was sufficient time for the trio killed in today’s meeting to surrender both yesterday night and today morning, but they did not surrender and instead shot and lobbed grenades on the search party.

IGP Kashmir asked parents to watch their wards closely and to keep a strict watch on their regular activities to ensure that they can not participate in any subversive or militant activities.’

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