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All calls from Jio to any network to be free

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With interconnect use charges (IUCs) coming to an end from January 1 for all domestic voice calls, Reliance Jio said on Thursday it would make all off-net domestic voice calls free again.

On the Jio network, on-net domestic voice calls have always been free.

In September 2019, when the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) extended the timetable for the introduction of the Bill and Keep regime beyond January 1, Jio said it had no choice but to start charging its customers at a rate exactly equal to the applicable IUC charge for off-net voice calls.

In doing so, Jio had told its users that this fee would only continue until the IUC charges were abolished by TRAI.

‘Today, Jio has fulfilled that pledge and has again made free off-net voice calls,’ it said in a statement.

‘Jio is strong in his determination to make the average Indian the recipient of advanced technologies such as VoLTE. Jio is an enterprise that is customer-obsessed and cares about every single person.

All of our users appreciate Jio’s free voice calls,’ it said.

Jio said it is committed to laying the foundation for a digital society—a society where all, everybody, anywhere, is linked to the best quality service worldwide at the lowest price and has access to the most advanced digital platforms.

Jio will continue to deliver innovative products and services to its users through technological innovation, with a customer-first approach.

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