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Cash Withdrawal Rules From ATM Will Change From December

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New Rule Of Punjab National Bank

  • Punjab National Bank has announced to change the cash withdrawal rules from ATM from 1 December.These new rule will be quite secure According to the bank.

New Rule From December 1, 2020,

  • Punjab National Bank is going to setup one time password (OTP) based cash withdrawal facility. Cash withdrawal of more than Rs 10,000 at one time will now be OTP based.
  • This means that PNB customers will need OTP to withdraw an amount of more than 10000 rupees in this time period. This rule will be applicable from 8 pm to 8 am from 1 December. So the customer should take his mobile with him.

New Principle is Likewise Pertinent To These Banks

Joined Bank of India and Oriental Bank of Business (OBC) have been converged in Punjab Public Bank, which is viable from 1 April 2020. This is to state that the OTP based office of PNB will likewise be material to the clients and ATMs of these banks.

SBI Is Also Providing Facilities

  • Earlier, State Bank of India (SBI) also started the facility of OTP based cash withdrawal from ATMs. From last September, SBI has implemented OTP based ATM withdrawal facility for cash withdrawal of 10000 rupees or more. Earlier this facility was for a limited time.

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