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China does not recognize Ladakh As Union Territory

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CHINA: The rumors of the so-called “construction” of China along the border between China and India are totally inaccurate and have more motives, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said Tuesday.

As for news reports that India has prioritized road construction along the Chinese border, Wang Wenbin, Speaker of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, said at a daily media briefing on Tuesday that China does not recognize the so-called Ladakh Union Territory illegally created by India and opposes infrastructure

Wang said the agreements signed between China and India have always been strictly followed by China and are committed to preserving peace and stability in border areas.
Chinese border troops have strictly followed related agreements on the Chinese side of the Line of Actual Control (LAC) between the two countries for a long time, Wang said.

Instead of complicating the already tense situation, Wang urged India to meet China halfway to ease the border situation.

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