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China urges UNSC resolutions to put an end to Kashmir dispute

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“China’s position on the Kashmir issue is consistent and clear. It is an issue left over from history between India and Pakistan which should be resolved properly and peacefully in accordance with the UN Charter, relevant Security Council resolutions and bilateral agreements,” Zhao Lijian — the foreign ministry spokesman — stressed in his speech during a news conference in Beijing.

 Chinaon Monday urgedIndiaandPakistanto resolve their dispute overKashmir”properly and peacefully.”

“China’s situation on theKashmir issueis steady and clear. It is an issue left over from history betweenIndiaandPakistanwhich ought to be settled appropriately and calmly as per theUN Charter, relevantSecurity Council resolutionsand respective arrangements,” saidZhao Lijian, China’s Foreign Ministry representative, tending to a news gathering inBeijing, as per a Foreign Ministry explanation.

He was responding to a question over escalations betweenIndian and Pakistani troopsalong the dividing Line of Control last week which resulted in the deaths of at least 15 people, including soldiers on the two sides.

TermingIndiaandPakistan”important nations” inSouth Asia, Zhao stated: “Amicable concurrence between the different sides is fundamental to local harmony, strength and advancement. As a neighbor of both countries,Chinacalls on the different sides to practice restriction, resolve contrasts through discourse, and mutually protect local harmony and steadiness.”

OnPakistan’s “irrefutable evidence” of allegedIndian “state-sponsored terrorism”in Pakistan, the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said: “Chinaopposes all forms of terrorism and calls on the international community, regional countries in particular, to carry out counter-terrorism cooperation and safeguard collective security.”

 Pakistanhas accused India of running a network of “terror cells and camps in Afghanistanand on Indian soil” to foment trouble inside pakistan

In a joint presser last Saturday, Pakistani Foreign MinisterShah Mahmood Qureshiand military Spokesman Gen. Iftikhar Babar played film and sound of supposed Indian overseers ofsuspected fear mongers. The couple additionally professed to have discovered “wireless quantities of bank exchanges for the harm.”

A day later, Qureshi accused India of “conspiring to damage theChina-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projectby creating unrest in the country.”

“Pakistan had solid proof that India was trying to create a law and order situation in the country,” he alleged, addingIndiahad spent billions of rupees for the purpose.

In any case, theChinese Foreign Ministryspokesman said “CPEC, as a significant spearheading venture of the BRI, is significant not exclusively to the basic improvement ofChinaandPakistan, yet in addition to local network and regular thriving.”

“We are sure that with the help of the global community,ChinaandPakistanwill guarantee the smooth and effective structure and running of CPEC. We likewise trust thatPakistanwill keep on taking successful measures to guarantee CPEC’s security,” Zhao added.

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