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Days after a drone strike on an IAF base, a flying object was sighted in Jammu.

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Around 8.35 p.m. on Saturday, a flying object was seen near Birpur in the Samba district of Jammu and Kashmir. However, nothing was discovered during an initial search effort.

This comes after a drone attack last week on an Indian Air Force (IAF) base at the Jammu airport. Following that, several drones were spotted in Jammu over the next three days.

The Samba Police Department, on the other hand, has disputed that the item sighted on Saturday was a drone.

Drones are circling Jammu.
Drones have been sighted in the city five times since two bombs rocked the Jammu IAF station on June 27 in a five-minute span.

The most recent incident occurred at 4:25 a.m. on Friday near the International Border in Jammu’s Arnia sector.

On the night of June 27 and 28, a day after the IAF raid, two drones were discovered hovering over the Kaluchak military station. The Jammu area, notably Army stations, was then placed on high alert.

Drones were spotted around 2.30 a.m. on June 29 in three different locations in Jammu: Kunjwani, Sunjwan, and Kaluchak.
The next day, drones were sighted once more.

This time in Jammu’s Miran Sahib, Kaluchak, and Kunjwani neighbourhoods.
Security authorities in Jammu have deployed an anti-drone equipment at the Air Force base in response to the drone threat.

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