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Drones are prohibited from being used, owned, or transported in Srinagar.

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Authorities in J&K’s Srinagar district outlawed the storage, sale, possession, use, and transportation of unmanned aerial vehicles on Sunday.

“To safeguard aerial space around essential facilities and heavily populated regions, it is imperative to prohibit the usage of drones in all social and cultural gatherings .

To minimise any risk of injury to life and damage to property,” stated Mohammad Aijaz, district magistrate of Srinagar.

The order was granted under section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code. According to the directive.

decentralised air space access must be regulated in light of recent occurrences of drone misuse posing a threat to security infrastructure that have been reported by the media and other sources.

According to the order, “the Directorate General of Civil Aviation has provided draught guidelines/standard operating protocol to regulate the use of drones in terms of weight classification.

Generation of unique identification number, height/altitude restrictions, speed restrictions, enforcement/panel action, and so on.”

According to the directive, government agencies that use drones for mapping, surveying, and surveillance in the agricultural.

Environmental conservation, and disaster mitigation sectors must notify the local police station before engaging in any public-interest activity.

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