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Heavy Bomb blast outside BJP leader’s house detail inside

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bomb blast happened outside BJP leader Arjun Singh’s house at North 24 Paragana area of West Bengal on Wednesday night where 3 people got injured.

The step was opposed by the BJP leaders and considered as a violent action before the upcoming elections. As per leaders, the party will register a complaint to the Election Commission.

“We will take the matter to the Election Commission and complain about the attack that has happened.” BJP leader Mukul Roy said

“This is violent politics. People are blasting bombs in front of Police. I don’t think voting will be safe in the future.” Kailash Vijayvargiya said

“Politics is about supporting your party, not attacking the other parties. Bengal’s culture doesn’t support violence. This is wrong but is happening due to current situations.” said Rajeev Banerjee

BJP blamed TMC for the explosion of crude bombs at 15 places whereas TMC denied the act and told that investigators would be taken.

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