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Hokersar encounter’: slain protest families, claim to be innocent*

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Srinagar, Dec 30: Families of three people claiming to be militants killed in an encounter with a joint police and security team at Hokersar, on the outskirts of Srinagar, organised a protest claiming to be innocent.

He had tea with me yesterday at 10 a.m., and I swear by that. I don’t know where Sumo took him down. This is what’s going to take place in Kashmir. Is there democracy here? Is that Raj, the Governor? Only kill me. And you killed him. He was a student,’ said Bashir Ahmad Ganie, Aijaz Maqbool’s grandfather, one of the slain.

“Why did he get killed? Did he become a terrorist? “He asked, adding, “(Aijaz) is the son of Mohammad Maqbool Ganie, a police officer who is posted in Ganderbal,” the elderly man told reporters here outside PCR as per GNS. “Tell us why they killed our son. Let them send a task force and kill us all at home if they don’t,’ said the elderly man.

In addition, Aijaz Mushtaq of Putrigam Pulwama, two other relatives, Ather Mushtaq Wani (class 11th student as per family), son of Bellow Pulwama’s Mushtaq Ahmad Wani and Turkewagan Shopain’s Zubair Ahmad Lone (carpenter), also protested and claimed to be innocent.

Police could not be reached immediately for comments, even though it was said on Twitter that three militants were killed in the gunfight. The identities have been released by the families and have so far not been formally disclosed by the police.

Bodies of all three were also reportedly taken to Baramulla for burial, with members of their families permitted to engage in their last rites. (The GNS)

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