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Imran Khan warns India if it conducts false-flag operations, make no mistake

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Islamabad, Dec 21: Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan told the international community that if it was reckless enough to carry out a “false-flag operation” against Pakistan, India would receive a “fitting response.”

In a series of tweets, Imran warned that India’s BJP-led Hindu nationalist government will conduct such an operation against Pakistan to divert attention from the country’s “internal mess”.

His statement comes two days after Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi revealed in the United Arab Emirates that the government had credible information that India was planning a ‘surgical strike’ against Pakistan to divert attention from its internal affairs and that it was trying to seek “tacit approval” for the move from its International partners.

“I want to again warn the world community, as India’s internal problems mount, especially economic recession, growing farmers protests and mishandling of Covid-19, the Modi government will divert from the internal mess by conducting a false flag operation against Pakistan,” Imran wrote.

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