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In Jammu’s Kanachak area, a drone carrying 5 kg of IED material was shot down.

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Jammu, July 23 (KNO): Jammu, Jammu, Jammu, Jammu, Jamm According to sources, the Jammu and Kashmir police shot down an airborne object carrying a 5 kg IED in the Kanachak district of Jammu on Friday.

According to the Kashmir News Observer (KNO), a general information was received by Jammu district police in the early hours of today that a drone had been spotted near the International Border of Kanachak, prompting the deployment of a Quick Reaction Team (QRT) in the area as part of the Anti Drone strategy.

“A drone was observed and shot down by police troops,” the official said, adding that the airborne device, commonly referred to as a drone, is a tetra-copter with six wings.

“It has a five-kilogram IED attached to five of its wings, which is a serious security worry,” the officer said. “The IED material has been confiscated, and an investigation is underway, as well as a physical and technical examination.”

A drone was shot down roughly eight kilometres inside IB in Kanachak, according to the official. “We’re trying to figure out whether the IED material was supposed to be airdropped or moved to another location,” he said. —(KNO)

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