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In Kashmir, 100-yr-old woman attends rally after “BJP promised to release son”

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On Monday, a 100-year-old woman attended a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) rally in Baniyari village of Hajin in north Kashmir’s Bandipora district to, she said, get her son released from jail.

Fazi Begum was accompanied by her two neighbours, who helped her to walk and reach the venue. She told a local news agency, Kashmir News Observer (KNO), that she was attending the rally after “Jan Sahab of BJP” promised her that her son, who is in jail for the past ten years, “would be released if she attends the BJP rally”. 

The assembly was tended to by the BJP public representative Shahnawaz Hussain and other senior heads of the gathering including Sofi Yousuf.

Fazi said that her child and seven different people are in prison throughout the previous 10 years “for no offense”. “I am powerless and I have no one to deal with me. He was my solitary expectation however he is in prison throughout the previous 10 years on unjustifiable charges,” she said.

According to the office, Fazi’s child Ghulam Hassan Dar was captured in 2010 with seven others under area 302 after a battle about some issue broke out in their town. In the battle, an individual was executed that landed Ghulam Hassan and seven others in prison.

Fazi while claiming her son was innocent, said that since then she has been running from pillar to post to get her son released and today she attended the BJP rally with the hope that the leaders would help her in getting her son released. She added that the leaders, who addressed the rally, gave her a “patient hearing and assured” her that her son would be released soon. (KNO)

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