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JK receives its first shipment of 19 MT LMO in three cryogenic tankers.

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Srinagar, June 6: Jammu & Kashmir received its first batch of 19MT Liquid Medical Oxygen (LMO) driven in three cryogenic tankers from Air Liquide Panipat for the first time on Saturday.

LMO transportation in cryogenic tankers is one of the fastest and most reliable ways to get medical oxygen in an emergency, and it was frequently employed across the country during the Covid outbreak to meet demand.

According to official sources, it was only possible because of the officers’ unwavering efforts to collect the assigned quota of LMO despite the ever-increasing demand for medical oxygen across the country during the aggressive second phase of the campaign.

The gravity of the situation may be gauged by the fact that three senior police officers have been assigned to a station in states with LMO plants, where they will work closely with stakeholders to ensure a smooth delivery to the UT,” according to the sources.

According to officials, LG Manoj Sinha analyses daily medical oxygen, medicine, and other medical equipment requirements across the UT and directs officials to increase the infrastructure and use all available resources to offset the Covid effects on the general public.

The J&K government spared the health infrastructures from a crisis, according to officials, because of this proactive and precautionary attitude.

According to official estimates, the current entire oxygen generation capacity is 1.5 Lac cubic metres, while consumption is just 1,03,219 cubic metres, accounting for only two-thirds of total availability.

Furthermore, from 8920 LPM in April 2021 to 53150 LPM in May 2021, the total availability of oxygen in hospitals across J&K from in-house oxygen producing units has increased sixfold.

J&K had only 19 oxygen generation plants six months ago, but the situation has entirely changed today, with 40 oxygen generation plants and another 39 plants with 33325 LPM capacity set to come online in the next two months.

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