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Kashmir’s will Never Feel To Be Indian, They’d like to Have Chinese Rule Them: Dr.Farooq Abdullah

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Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah Wednesday said in an interview with regular bursts of rage and shows of emotion that the Kashmiri people don’t feel and don’t want to be Indian at this time.

Talking to renowned TV anchor and journalist Karan Thapar, he also said that the Chinese would prefer to control them, a point he repeated when asked if he really meant that.

Abdullah, who heads the National Conference party and for the past four decades has been the most influential ‘pro-India’ face in Jammu and Kashmir, also identified the Kashmiris as slaves who were regarded as citizens of the second class.

Abdullah said in a 44-minute interview with The Wire that it was total nonsense for the Bharatiya Janata Party to say that the people of Kashmir supported the A.

Abdullah, who heads the party of the National Conference and has been the most powerful ‘pro-India’ face in Jammu and Kashmir for the past four decades, also described the Kashmiris as slaves who were considered second class people.

Asked about how the central government views Kashmiris and, in particular, Prime Minister Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah, Abdullah said they were profoundly disillusioned. He said that inside the central government, they had no confidence. He added the trust that Kashmir had absolutely snapped when bound to the rest of the country.
Information of his meeting with Prime Minister Rou were released by Abdullah

Image Source-Google| image by-Nissar Ahmad

He had met the Prime Minister looking for affirmations about the continuation of Articles 370 and 35A. He asked the PM for what good reason there were endless soldiers in the Valley and whether this was a direct result of any apparent military danger.

Abdullah recommended the PM intentionally made a special effort to give him the impression the enormous increment in troops was for security purposes. He said Modi didn’t let out the slightest peep about Articles 370 and 35A. Thus, Abdullah rose up out of that gathering accepting the two Articles were not in harm’s way.

When asked, he concurred that the head administrator had deluded and hoodwinked him.

Abdullah told that on August 5, 2019, when the established changes were abruptly reported, the National Conference and all other standard ideological groups stood seriously defamed in Kashmiri eyes. Discussing himself, he said he appeared to have fallen between two stools. The Center saw him as a deceiver and captured him. Kashmiris, then again, considered him to be a worker of India and made statements like this ‘serves Abdullah right’. They rebuked him and provoked him for having said “Bharat Mata ki jai.” This left him profoundly shaken and upset.

Nonetheless, following 7-8 months in detainment his standing and that of his gathering and other standard gatherings has been extensively reestablished in Kashmiri eyes. Individuals currently acknowledge they are not “workers of India”, he said.

Abdullah said that the National Conference and, truth be told, the various gatherings that had met up to give the Gupkar Declaration of August 2019, which was emphasized on August 22 this year, were focused on reestablishing the poise of Kashmiris. He said this implied reestablishing Articles 370 and 35A and reestablishing statehood. He said he would battle for this – however in every case calmly – till his final gasp.

Abdullah said he had confidence in the Supreme Court and hoped it would avoid blocking the petition brought by his party and hear it promptly. In reality, in the interview, he appealed to Supreme Court judges to quickly hear the constitutional case.

Asked why, during the current parliamentary session, which ends on Wednesday , September 23rd, he had not raised this question, he said that he was not.

ABdullah said that the Mufti and Abdullah families have buried their past differences in the better interest of Kashmir and are coming together. Mehbooba Mufti, he said, was politically similar to both his son Omar and himself today. He said that regularly, every week, he was in contact with her.

In one of the more irate snapshots of the meeting, Abdullah inquired as to why Mehbooba Mufti has not been Freed. “Is she a lawbreaker?” he roared.

Inquired as to whether her detainment has started to influence her, Abdullah posed an inquiry consequently: “By what method can it not? She is a person all things considered.”

Abdullah included that whether the National Conference will challenge the following state races is a choice that will be taken, first, equitably inside the National Conference itself and he, as president, won’t force his own reasoning. The choice will likewise be taken working together with the various Gupkar parties, he said.

Abdullah said his child Omar Abdullah’s declaration in an ongoing Indian Express article that he would not challenge races while Kashmir stays a Union Territory is Omar’s own choice and not the situation of the National Conference. Notwithstanding, he included that if Omar doesn’t wish to challenge, that is his right. Of himself, he stated, he would comply with whatever choice the gathering took on the whole.

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