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Killing not linked to obtaining domicile certificate: Jeweller’s son

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Srinagar, Jan 01: The day after unidentified gunmen shot dead a goldsmith in Srinagar’s Sarai Bala district.

the family said on Friday it was unlikely that militants would kill him upon obtaining a certificate of residence. Police were also encouraged by the family to investigate the case.

Slain Satpal Nischal, owner of Indira Nagar’s Nischal Jewellers, was shot dead at his shop on Thursday by unknown gunmen.

The son of the deceased jeweller, Rakesh Nischal, told Rising Kashmir that they had no idea who had killed him.

It was Wednesday at about 6 pm and we were in the store. “Unknown gunmen fired at my father indiscriminately, leaving him in a pool of blood,” he said.

Rakesh said he did not have any business competition with anyone or any family dispute.

For the past 50 years, we have been living here and none of the insurgent groups have ever asked us for anything or threatened us. I don’t think it would be achieved by terrorists,’ he said.

He also said that someone who has done this job is an enemy of mankind and must be punished.

With two children, Satpal Nischal is survived by his wife. In the Indira Nagar region of the town, both are married and settled.

Preliminary investigation revealed that militants had fired at a goldsmith at his store in the Saraibala area of Srinagar, a police spokesman said.

He said the police had registered a case under the relevant sections of the law in this regard. “The investigation is ongoing and officers continue to work to identify the full circumstances of this militant crime,” said the spokesman.

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