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Leaves of all winter PDD workers cancelled

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All Power Development Department (PDD) workers have been barred from applying for leaves during winters by the Kashmir Power Distribution Corporation Limited (KPDCL), though serious medical emergencies have been exempted.

A statement released by KPDCL reads, ‘In the winter spell, no leave of any kind shall be granted in favour of the DISCOM officers/officials.’

JK Employees Electrical Union (J&KEEU) President Abdul Rashid told a local news agency, Kashmir News Observer (KNO), while expressing concern and anxiety about the order, that the order is very harsh.

How can a lower rung PDD employee who is posted in the far flung area come to the corporate office to get emergency leave he asked?

The KPDCL circular reads, “It impresses all officers/officers to maintain their headquarters.” In addition, if given by any supervisory officer, leave of any sort is cancelled with immediate effect.

In addition, all the controlling officers are hereby ordered not to grant any officer/official approval leave of any kind henceforth.

Furthermore, the order specifies that, under exceptional cases, approval for medical purposes is given only by the corporate office.

“Any deviation from the circular instructions shall be seriously considered and the defaulting officer shall be liable for disciplinary action in accordance with the relevant rules of conduct,” reads the circular.

KPDCL Managing Director Mohammad Ajaz (IAS) told KNO that the order was given in the public interest. “Our priority is to provide the valley with uninterrupted power supply and for that, there should be a problem in doing so if we have to postpone our engagements.”

“However, the leaves will only have to be sanctioned by the corporate office for extreme medical emergencies,” he said. In the meantime, in the interest of those workers, the President of the Employees Union appealed to MD KPDCL to reconsider his decision. (the KNO)

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