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Master Plan proposes seven more grade separators for Srinagar

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Srinagar, Nov 27: To improve road connectivity and traffic management, the Jammu and Kashmir administration is planning to construct seven more grade separators in different areas of Srinagar.

As per the Srinagar Master Plan 2035, the Government has proposed seven grade separators that would be constructed in a phased manner.

The proposed locations where the full grade separators would be constructed include Pantha Chowk, Nowgam Chowk, Shalteng Chowk, Sanat Nagar Chowk, Bemina Chowk, Parimpora Chowk and Tengpora-Batamaloo Crossing.   

As per the End-all strategy, which has been endorsed by the public authority, the drawn out measures would be finished in stages. “The arrangements of all current and proposed streets distinguished will be delineated to free it infringements.”

The Ground breaking strategy, while accentuating the requirement for traffic the board, expresses that convergences and intersections are pivotal parts of street network framework. “They permit directional traffic to travel through the intersections, causing complex development, struggle focuses for vehicles.”

The Arrangement likewise proposes to spread out an extensive street and traffic the executives framework, with numerous degrees of frameworks intended to facilitate the development of traffic just as that of the people on foot. “The evaluation division won’t be actualized as an independent task however as a component of an extensive organization plan with a traffic course framework and the board measures around the intersection,” it adds.

The Master Plan, which was approved last year, has forsaken widening of city roads as a preferred strategy in view of the potential loss to heritage. The road widening will be limited only to areas where it is considered “inevitable“.

“Intersections must be designed to reduce delays and increase safety for all road users, with a priority to non-motorized and public transport modes,” the Master Plan reads.

The Master Plan also envisages design of intersections with proper signalization and signage, and clear markings which are “very essential for the regulated and safe movement of all modes.”

It says that the road owning agencies would be responsible for installing the appropriate road signage and markings, and maintaining them on a regular basis.

“Proper care would be taken for local level connectivity and safety at grade crossings for all modes as per the criteria.”

It further says that to encourage simple exchange among modes and permit nearby excursions, zebra intersections should be given at around each 250 meters or less.

According to the Arrangement, walker signs will be synchronized with the closest traffic lights, for smooth development of traffic alongside safe person on foot crossing.

“Evaluation separators may likewise be given at intersections according to codes, where lane traffic might be in high volume,” it conceives.

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