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Pakistan’s military is the 10th most strong army in the world.

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According to the Global Firepower Index 2021, published this week, Pakistan’s military is the 10th most strong army in the world.

Since 2019, Pakistan has improved 5 positions in the same ranking. Pakistan was named the 15th most strong country in 2020. An annual ranking that rates a nation according to its military strength is the Global Firepower Index.

Pakistan is in 10th place out of 138 countries on the current list. It holds a ranking of 0.2083 (0.0000 deemed ‘perfect’) for PwrIndx*.

According to the same list released in 2019, the Pakistan Army has been ranked the 15th most strong military in the world.

By comparing and analysing a wide range of factors and not just the number of soldiers or arms deployed by a nation, The Global Firepower ranks the armed forces of 138 countries.

The Global Firepower ranking mechanism requires the scrutiny of a broad range of variables, including manpower, population, geography, weapons diversity, and state of growth. Countries armed with nuclear weapons earn bonus points, but a country’s nuclear stockpiles are not included in the final ranking.

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