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Passenger bus rolled down 200 feet in GanPath Bridge Doda

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When reached at near New Bridge pul Doda Rboll down from the Road about 2oo feet, one bus no JK02D 7191 on its way Bhaderwah towards jammu, resulting in 11 people injured namely*

Age of 1.Driver pushvinder singh S/o Sukh Dev R/o katra 32 years

  1. Susheel singh S/o Davinder singh R/o Ramnager udhampur cleaner aged 24 years
  2. Mohd Sabir S/o Ali batt R/o Gundna, 35 years of age
  3. 36 years of age, Ashok kumar S/o Roshan lal R/o Jammu
  4. Vista Devi W/o Sanjay Kumar 33 years of age R/o Bhaderwah
  5. Arun Kumar S/o Ashok Kumar R/o Bhall Bhaderwah, 22 years of age
  6. 45 years of age, Naseema Begum W/o Gh Hadir R/o Bhalla Bhaderwah
  7. 63 years of Inder kumar S/o Amar chand
  • Age 45 Neelma Devi W/o Dharminder singh R/o udhampupur
    • Hamanshu S/o Sanjay Kumar 4 years of age R/o Udhapur
    • The age of 60 years for Kamlesha Devi W/o pritam singh R/o Bhaderwah

All the wounded individuals were moved to GMC Doda for treatment.

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