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Punjab Based Visa Company Looted Crores of Rupees From Jammu People

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A big fake visa scam was reported in Trikuta Nagar Police Station where a visa company named “Jammu To Abroad” situated in Bahu Plaza looted crores of rupees from people in the name of visa.

“A female victim told the media that “the company was headquartered in Punjab and they have been running their branch in Jammu for the past 3 months. She said the company was asking me for the documents and for a fee of 4 Lakh rupees.

When we apply the documents and feel that the officials of the organisation said that you will get your passport along with the visa soon.

She also said that we discovered when we traced our passport that the passport came through Blue Dart Logistics and we approached them directly and took our passport from them.

When we got the passport, we were shocked because the passport was blank, as there was no visa stamp. We contact the company officials, but they do not answer our phone calls, nor do they open their office.’

A male victim said that “the company took a huge amount from about 60-70 students, and since they came to know that their fraud was exposed, the officials are missing.” They followed the correct protocol to gain the confidence of individuals and asked us to go to Chandigarh for a physical examination as well as an interview.

We heard after a few days that one of our friend’s passports had entered Jammu and we took the passport directly from the logistics and there was a Visa stamp on the passport, but they told us that the visa was fake when we approached the immigration centre.

“Many of the students took out a loan to pay for the visa fees. We demand that there should be a strict investigation and that all our money should be recovered,’ he added.

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