Fri. Dec 2nd, 2022


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Sale and Purchase of Land in J&K Big Update Here

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A new update for the sale was provided by the J&K Government. And the acquisition of property in the UT. A new online marketplace has been introduced, according to the update, where individuals can now buy and sell property. Our executive spoke with a Sunny Dubey official to learn more about the update.

“While speaking, Sunny said, “Before purchasing land other than fees, people have to have a stamp duty to the government, but no stamp duty has to be paid with the launch of this portal and people can register their documents on the portal by paying government fees. The government used to spend crores on stamp paper production, but all that money will now be saved.

Also, according to the reports, with the launch of this portal, the government saved 100 crore rupees. Previously, the selling and purchase of land was not transparent, but after the Roshni land scandal, the J&K government opted for online procedures so that the entire process of sale and purchase remains transparent. The J&K citizens need to know about the selling and purchasing of land in their UT.

Article 370 has been abolished by J&K, but the selling and purchase of J&K land is still carried out in accordance with the old practise. This portal may be a step towards a process change.

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