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Students of Jammu University protest against online exams and mass promotion

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Students from Jammu University protested outside Polytechnic College and Parade College, Jammu, today. They called for online tests and mass promotions for backlog and first semester learners to lift slogans against the administration.

One of the backlog review protesters said “Our backlog examinations were scheduled in June 2020 but were re-scheduled in January 2021 due to Covid-19.” The Administration told us about mass marketing, but so far it has not been cleared up. We’ve lost 8 months already.

The administration says the university will provide the instructions, so what is the intention of all the officials? Some action they should take for us. We just want to get our degree in either way, whether online or offline tests.

The students of Parade College’s first semester requested mass promotion. According to them, the promotion of third and fifth semester students when they were left out was unjust.

For a long time now, we have been protesting. The Government needs to listen to us at least. Third- and fifth-semester students have been advanced.

Why didn’t we? Different are we? We have not yet been vaccinated and may be vulnerable to Covid-19. “We will continue to protest until we are promoted to next semester,” a protestor said.

We are ignored each time we try to speak to the officials. We speak in person, but no steps are taken. We will speak together this time so that our voice is audible. Like any other university student, we need to get mass promotion,” added another.”

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