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Terms And Condition


News Glory grants you a non-exclusive , non-transferable license to access and use the Service solely in compliance with the Terms, revocable at any time at News Glory’s absolute discretion. Using the Service does not give you any protection to intellectual property in or on any material or content in the Service.

News Glory can provide you with content produced by News Glory or its licensors (‘Content’) as part of the service. News Glory grants you a non-exclusive licence to use the Content, unless otherwise specified in the relevant Terms and Conditions or in the Purchase Order, for the purpose intended. The News Glory however retains the right at its absolute discretion to revoke the above-mentioned licence.

The News Glory shall not bear any responsibility arising out of the use of your Content, and you shall keep the News Glory in this regard indemnified and harmless. You grant News Glory worldwide, non-exclusive, sub-licensable, assignable, completely charged, royalty-free, permanent and irrevocable licences by submitting Material to the Service to use, reproduce, publicly perform, show, distribute in any media and change the Material to integrate the Material into other works and to grant identical sublicenses to the degree required for News Glory to supply the Material with other works


Please check if the material you want to access is limited by age or labelled as potentially ‘offensive’ or ‘explicit’ before uploading or accessing any Content. News Glory is not liable for any allegations or offence caused or sustained by your access to such Content. You agree with:
To use the Content for your own, non-commercial purposes only; to use the Content in compliance with the restrictions laid down in applicable laws, additional terms, guidelines and policies or on the product pages which relate to that particular piece of the Content.

News Glory and/or its respective licensors own and/or manage the content, and are protected by intellectual property laws. The Service Provider of a third party shall be exclusively liable for the Service it offers, the guarantees to the degree that such guarantees have not been disclaimed and for any allegations you might have about that Content or the use of that Content.

Links to Third Party Sites and Content:

News Glory may provide links to Internet sites and services or preloaded customers that allow you to connect with third-party sites and services that are owned or run by third parties and not included in the Service. Before accessing these sites or services, you must review and accept the terms and conditions of these sites or services.
News Glory has no control over the content, sites or services of third parties and assumes no responsibility for services provided or material produced or published on such third parties or services. A connexion to a third-party site does not mean that the site or the goods or services cited on the site are supported by News Glory.


Service can contain announcements. The material or information stored on the Service, requests made via the Service, or other information may be targeted for advertising.

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