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The black fungus is becoming as lethal as COVID!

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According to the survey, India has registered at least 8,848 cases of mucormycosis. “The Covid-19-linked infection has claimed more than 7,000 lives in the country,” said AIIMS Delhi Director Dr Randeep Guleria.

Gujarat had the most mucormycosis cases with 2,281 cases, followed by Maharashtra (2,000), Andhra Pradesh (910), Madhya Pradesh (720), Rajasthan (700), Karnataka (5,000), Haryana (250), Punjab (95), Chhattisgarh (87), Bihar (56), Tamil Nadu (40), Kerala (36), Jharkhand (27), Odisha (15), Goa (12), and Chandigarh (8), according to the report

Meanwhile, according to the Hindustan Times, at least 219 people have died in the country as a result of the black fungus.

How do you tell if you have black fungus?

  1. Bleeding from the nose and unusual black discharge
  2. Congestion in the nose
  3. Pain in the head and eyes
  4. Eye swelling, blurred vision, red eyes, decreased visibility, and difficulty opening and closing the eyes.
  5. A numb or tingling sensation on the face
  6. Difficulty chewing or opening the mouth
  7. Toothache, swelling in the mouth or around it

According to experts, cases of mucormycosis have been reported among COVID-19 patients who were given steroids to treat symptoms, especially those with diabetes and cancer. Diabetes and infection have close ties, according to medical experts.

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