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The bodies of the Trio killed in the “Srinagar gunfight” will not be returned to their families: IGP:

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Srinagar: Vijay Kumar, Inspector General of Police (IGP), said on Monday that the bodies of those killed in the alleged Srinagar gunfight will not be returned to their families.

“In the case of militants or their associates, individuals get emotional and thousands come to attend the funeral,” Kumar said. Since the current pandemic of coronavirus has not yet stopped, we will have to use tear gas and pellets against those who defy the protocols of covid, for which we will be blamed again.’

“In addition, there was no question of returning the bodies for burial in ancestral cemeteries, “Their burial took place in front of their relatives, and almost 60 percent of their participation in militancy has been shown.

We are trying to reassure their families now. They won’t return the bodies. “And he said.

He answered a question from a reporter who asked him if the bodies of those killed in the alleged Srinagar gunfight will be returned to their families.

He said the three youths killed were terrorists, and the police would soon inform the trio’s parents of “concrete evidence.”

“The IGP Kumar, speaking to reporters on the sidelines of a road safety week function in Srinagar, said: “We have gathered 60% of the evidence and we will gather more evidence in the next few days, including the technical one, and will first persuade the parents of the slain trio that their sons were engaged in militancy and given more evidence.

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