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WhatsApp says your privacy won’t be affected if you don’t use these two optional features

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WhatsApp has released a statement that if you do not use two optional features, your privacy will not be compromised.

The app recently announced that, from February 8, it would update its terms of service and privacy policy.

After this, WhatsApp faced a lot of criticism, causing requests from individuals to use alternatives like Signal and Telegram from WhatsApp.

WhatsApp recently announced that, as of February 8, 2021, it will update its terms of service and privacy policy. The Facebook-owned messaging app has now made it clear that your privacy will not be compromised if you do not use its two optional features, after facing a lot of criticism from users over privacy issues.

WhatsApp has clarified in its FAQ section that the new privacy policy does not affect the privacy of your messages to your friends and family. The update, as per the company, would only affect the messages sent on WhatsApp to business accounts, which it adds is an optional feature.

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