Tue. Sep 20th, 2022


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About us

The News Glory is the most admired and diversified media conglomerate in India that has built an enviable legacy of faith, leadership and admiration since the formation of the company over four decades ago. The launch of News Glory in 2020 marked the beginning of the company’s journey into a multi-brand, multi-platform and multi-vertical media organisation with brands that exert unchallenged leadership across categories.

The News Glory has become the epitome of the Gold Standard in Journalism through its years in relentless emphasis on journalistic and editorial excellence, and is now a barometer for confidence, honesty and excellence in journalism across TV , Print and Internet.

Together with the introduction of best practises and the latest technologies, the constant emphasis on the Gold Standard of Journalism continues to hold the community as the most common source of content for the Indian audience by delivering India to the world and India to the world.

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